Maynard Ferguson


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Around The Horn With Maynard Ferguson
Birdland Dream Band
Birdland Dream Band Volume 2
Recorded Live 1956
Live At Peacock Lane Hollywood 1957
Boy With Lots Of Brass
A Nessage From New Port
Swingin' My Way Through College
A Message From Birdland
Play Jazz For Dancing
New Port Suite
Let's Face The Music And Dance
Maynard '61
Double Exposure
Two's Company
Maynard '62
Si! Si! M.F.
Maynard '63
Message From Maynard
Maynard '64
One Night Stand With Maynard Ferguson
The New Sounds Of Maynard Ferguson
Come Blow Your Horn
Maynard Ferguson
Color Him Wild
The Blues Roar
Trumpet Rhapsody
Ridin' High
Maynard Ferguson
M.F.Horn Two
M.F.Horm Three
Live At The Great American Music Hall Part 1
Live At The Great American Music Hall Part 2
M.F.Horn 4&5-Live At Jimmy's-
Primal Scream
New Vintage
It's My Time
Live From San Francisco
Body & Soul
High Voltage
High Voltage 2
Big Bop Nouveau
Footpath Cafe
These Cats Can Swing!
Live From London
One More Trip To Birdland
Brass Attitude
Swingin' for Schuur
M.F.Horn VI -Live at Ronnie's-
The One And Only