Hollywood's Best

Rosemary Clooney
Harry James Orchestra

(3) はボーカル無しのインストルメンタル・ナンバーですがハリーのラッパがテーマを奏でるだけの地味なバラードで、せっかくのバディ・リッチの存在感がありません。
尚、LP,CDともに (9) のメンバーにベースとドラムの記載がありません。


◎なかでもこの1曲! → 「On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe」

1.You'll Never Know (from "Hello,Frisco,Hello")
2.On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (from "The Harvey Girls")
3.Ruby (from "Ruby Gentry")
4.It Might As Well Be Spring (from "State Fair")
5.Come On-A My House (from "The Stars Are Singing")
6.Over The Rainbow (from "The Wizard of Oz)
7.Sweet Leilani (from "Waikiki Wedding")
8.The Continental (from "The Gay Divorcee")
9.Stella By Starlight (from "The Uninvited")
10.When You Wish Upon A Star (from "Pinocchio")
11.Red Garters (from "Red Garters")
12.In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening (from "Here Comes the Groom")

Harry James,Van Rasey,Manie Klein,Zeke Zarchy,Paul Geil:trumpet
Victor Hamann,Charles,Prebble,Juan Tigol,Ed Kusby:trombone
Les Robbinson,Claude Lakey:alto sax
Babe Russin,Herbie Haymer:tenor sax
Morton Friedman:baritone sax
Stan Wrightman:piano
Allan Reuse:guitar
Feb.17,1947, Los Angeles (9)

Stan Freeman:harpsicord
Mandell Lowe:guitar
Frank Carroll:bass
Jimmy Crawford:drums
Feb.6,1951 (5)

Harry James:trumpet
Ray Conniff:trombone
Frank Polifroni:alto sax
Herb Steward,Corky Corcoran,Mascagni Ruffo:tenor sax
Bob Poland:baritone sax
Bruce McDonald:piano
Bob Bain:guita
Bob Manners:bass
Jack Mills:drums
may.23,1952 Los Angeles (1,6,7,10)

Harry James,Nick Buono,Phil Cook,Ralph Osborn,Everett McDonald:trumpet
Lewis McCreasy,Gene Norton,Dave Robbins,Dave Wells:trombone
Herb Steward,Mascagni Ruffo:also sax
Frank Polifroni,Corky Corcoran:tenor sax
Bob Poland:baritone sax
Bruce McDonald:piano
Bob Bain:guitar
Bob Manners:bass
Palgh Collier:drums
may.26,1952 Los Angeles (2,4,8)

Harry James,Nick Buono,Phil Cook,Everett MacDonald,Ralph Osborn:trumpet
Lewis McCreary,Nick Dimaio,Dave Robbins,Dave Wells:trombone
Mascagni Ruffo,Herb Steward:alto sax
Corky Corcoran,Polly Polifroni:tenor sax
Bob Poland:baritone sax
Bill Miller:piano
Francis Lee:guitar
Buddy Rich:drums
Tommy Gumina:accordion
195? (3)

Palamount Studio Orchestra (11)