Once more...with feeling!

Doc Severinsen & THE TONIGHT SHOW Band

ドク・セバリンセン率いる THE TONIGHT SHOW Band のアルバム第三弾。
I Can't Ge Started ではゲストでトニー・ベネットがボーカル参加。
Avalon では何とウイントン・マルサリスがゲストでちょこっとだけソロを披露してます。


◎なかでもこの1曲! → 「Just Friends」

1.Honeysuckle Rose
2.Poor Butterfly
3.Body & Soul
4.Just Friends
5.I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
6.Three Shades Of Blue
7.St.Louis Blues
8.I Can't Ge Started
10.My Old Flame
11.Things Ain't What They Used To Be
12.What Is This Thing Called Love
13.Isn't She Lovely
14.Bugle Call Rag

Doc Severinsen:trumpet,flugel horn
Tommy Newsom,John Bambridge:alto sax,flute,clarinet
Pete Christlieb,Tom Pterson:tenor sax,flute,clarinet
Don Ashworth:bass sax,soprano sax,flute,clarinet
Chuck Findley,Snooky Young,Conti Candoli:trumpet,flugel horn
Frank Szabo,Oscar Brashear,Maurey Harris:trumpet,flugel horn
Gill Falco,Bruce Paulson,Michael Daigeau:trombpne
Ernie Tack:bass trombone
Ross Tompkins:piano
Joel DiBartolo:bass
Tom Rizzo:guitar
Ed Shaughnessy:drums
Tonny Bennett(8):vocal
Ralph Sharon(8):piano
Wynton Marsalis:trumpet(9)